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Meteor (DAW) for the iPad Just Got Bigger

Meteor DAW for the iPad already included an impressive list of tools and effects but 4Pockets has always has listened to feedback and requests. So version 2.12 includes the following list of audio goodies.

New Tools

Add/Remove Metronome Accent  
Sometimes musicians just want to hear a flat metronome click without accents on particular notes. Now you can pick and choice when you want that accent.

Flatten Loop Functionality
Previously you could only flatten a full track, now you have the flexibility to choose which parts of a track to you want to flatten.

WebDav Client
Quickly and easily access & save files on your server, great for quick any  easy access to files on the move and collaborative working.  

In-App Effects

Gapper Effect  
The Gapper effect can be used to create interesting tempo synced gaps in a piece of audio that can follow patterns of up to 16 steps. Use the envelope controls to switch between staccato type stabs and smooth pulses.  A great effect for dance music.

eXpander Effect
This effect can be used as a traditional dynamic expander or as a method of noise reduction. Use the integrated LP and HP filters to change the dynamic range and the boost to cut through the mix.


Insight Centre Remote Edition, Produced for Verint Systems Inc of New York

The Kal Group/4Pockets is excited to announce the launch of its latest product: Insight Center, Remote Edition, produced for Verint Systems Inc of New York. 

Verint Systems searched the globe to find a developer with the experience in iOS development to develop this complex system, vital to public safety in city’s around the world.

The Insight Center Audiolog is  an advanced, digital multimedia recording, retrieval, and quality assurance solution, designed to enhance the performance of public safety command and control centers such as CCTV control rooms and emergency call and response control rooms

The Insight Center has always been a vital and valuable element in verint’s Audiolog for Public Safety Recording System, allowing users the ability to recreate an incident using audio, video, and even text recordings, all in one place. But now this same functionality is available on and Apple iPad.

What Does the Insight Center Remote Edition Offer? This innovative new management tool allows users to oversee everything going on in the field, all at once, and all within one convenient application on an iPad. Created specifically for public safety use, our Insight Center Remote Edition offers the following capabilities:

  • Search recordings
  • Play back multiple sequenced and/or simultaneous recordings
  • Save selected recordings to an incident folder
  • Transmit that folder via email to others
  • Display and play back recorded incidents within a timeline and data grid
  • Play up to three videos simultaneously
  • Play back incidents of up to 120 hours in duration

These functionalities allow users to completely reconstruct a public safety incident from all angles, by listening to a series of audio recordings, watching recorded videos, and even viewing saved text messages, in chronological order, even if some of them overlap.

The timeline provides context for the recordings, and the data grid gives details about each media item recorded. If media items include data on the latitude and longitude of their location, a map will also appear to show the location of each recording.

Even the smallest details have not been overlooked in providing for the needs of public safety officials. Users can zoom in and out, homing in on items that might otherwise have been missed. Recordings can be muted while others play, or played simultaneously for the full effect. Playback speed can be altered for both videos and audio recordings, in order to make speech or images more clear. And recorded text messages can even be read aloud by the application, in order to allow for a completely auditory experience.


The Benefits of the Insight Center Remote Edition Just imagine the new possibilities that the Insight Center Remote Edition opens up for public safety management. Now, essential data can be reviewed in the field, as needed, instead of only at a desktop, leading to new opportunities for insight and immediate action.

Even in the middle of an ongoing incident, recordings can begin to be collected, organized, and analyzed by public safety officials on-scene, so that they have a clear picture of every aspect of the event, and can make the most informed decisions possible as the incident unfolds.

Vital information can quickly and easily be shared via email with others who need it, but who do not have access to the application itself. The Insight Center Remote Edition is the ultimate mobile communication tool for public safety management.

For more information about this exciting new public safety technology, or how a mobile application can integrate with your systems contact the Kal Group today.

StompBox Band - Dual Effect Rack for the iPad

StompBox Band – Dual Effect Rack for the iPad

StompBox Band 2 Effect Racks 1 iPad

StompBox Band 2 Effect Racks 1 iPad

StompBox Band, turn your iPad into Two Guitar Effect Racks.

Great for bands on a budget or soloists who want a dual effect rack.

StompBox Band provides the flexibility to have two effect racks running at the same time combined with the ability to utilize audio interfaces with multiple inputs and outputs.

Great for bands on a budget…

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StompBox Band - Dual Effect Rack for iapd


StompBox Band, turn your iPad into Two Guitar Effect Racks.

Great for bands or soloists who want a dual effect rack. Bought to you by the developers who bought you StompBox and Meteor Multi-Track DAW for the iPad

StompBox Band provides the flexibility to have two effect racks running at the same time combined with the ability to utilize audio interfaces with multiple inputs and outputs.

Great for bands on a budget with two separate effect racks for different band members with the ability to output either a mix or separate outputs to your amps.

You can even pass a single guitar through both effect chains and morph between the two depending on how loud you play!

Band Edition includes a Chord Explorer to audition your patches whilst making modifications.

Song Mode enables you to save commonly used patches and chords to song files.

StompBox Band also has a built in Chord Explorer and Song Mode, allowing you to save commonly used patches and chords to song files.

Use the Chord Explorer to audition your patches whilst making modifications.

StompBox Band supports AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio making an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists.

StompBox and StompBox Free Owners can quickly and easily share their In-Apps Purchases with StompBox Band, no need to buy them twice.

Visit for further details on StompBox Band and the available In-App purchases.

Guitar and Bass Multi FX Processor
Process 2 Effect Racks at the same time.
18 Unique Effects available
Chain upto 12 Simultaneous Effects
Media Player with Time Stretching
4 Track Loop Recorder (In-App Purchase)
Metronome/Chromatic Tuner
Save 12 banks of 6 patches
Virtual Foot Controller
Virtual Whammy Pedal
Compatible with range of hardware interfaces
3 Unique Skins
Programmable MIDI Control
Chord Explorer
Song Mode

Meteor MultiTrack Recorder for iPad V2.04 Update

This great new update to Meteor DAW for the iPad introduces several new features.

One of the most exciting features is the Chord Track available via In-App purchase. This is a global guide track which contains a list of chords that can be used to create amongst other things MIDI based auto accompaniment.

This can be used to drive internal virtual instruments external MIDI equipment or other iOS Apps. You can store up to 3 different banks of chords and quickly switch between them to test out different chord progression.


The Chord Track is also able to drive a separate 64 step arpeggiator on each MIDI track of the sequencer.

Meteor now allows automation of many insert effect parameters by painting into a tracks controller lane. You can also attach automation to Send effects using track one’s controller lane.

You can also add some basic automation on the Synthesizer Virtual Instrument plugin. This gives control over features like Cut off frequency and resonance etc.

It is now possible to Import as well as Export audio files to SoundCloud. This makes a great alternative way to move audio files between Meteor and your PC. You can even share SoundCloud songs to Twitter and Facebook directly from within the application. You can access this functionality from the File -> Share File To ->SoundCloud option.

The Doubler Effect is now available as an In-App purchase in the Online Shop. This effect provides a low CPU method of double tracking things like vocals or lead instruments.


Exciting News - Music Radar Rates Meteor in their Top iOS DAWS

Music Radar Said: 

Meteor is an iOS audio recorder that features up to 16 recording tracks (upgradeable to 24), plus a mixer section and sequencer window. In fact it now provides 32 not 24.

Meteor’s trump card is its excellent sounding effects, although many of these require extra in-app purchases. It also features a handy little audio editor which can be used to trim and tidy up recordings brought into the app via Audiobus.

Check it out now on iTunes

Read the full article on Music Radar image


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